Information on how to register

What is youth sled hockey?

Youth sled hockey is a sport that is designed for any participants under the age 17, who have a physical disability. The program is free and is sponsored by the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation and Jake Kielb's Hockey Foundation. 

Eligibility- Any child between the age 5 and 17 can participate in this program. Your child must have a physical disability diagnosed by a licensed doctor.

Looking to give sled hockey a try?

Our program is  free however, there is a $55 deposit* on hockey gear that is provided for your child once enrolled in this program. Once you place a deposit upon registration, you will contacted for an appointment for you child to get fitted for a full set of gear. Sleds are provided for use during practice for free. Sleds & sticks are not allowed to be taken home and are to remain at City National Arena. All equipment ** are property of Jake Kielb's Hockey Foundation. 

Our governing body-All participants must register with USA HOCKEY.  It is a yearly membership. The cost is $46.  You will be required to maintain this membership each year your child is enrolled in this program. You will not be able to register for this program until you register with USA HOCKEY. You can register with USA HOCKEY through registration. The registration link will guide you through each step. If you have any questions on registration, please email the foundation at

Practices- are held at City National Arena; 1550 S. Pavilion Center Dr. Practices are on Sundays. Time varies each week. Once enrolled, you will be granted access to our weekly schedule through sports engine. 

*Gear deposit is fully refundable upon return and is in good condition. You will be held financially responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged gear.

** Full set of hockey gear, sleds, & sticks. 


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